VSS Deadbolts would help STOP this kind of theft from happening.


The problem of theft from vans has never been so great as it is now, with manufacturers still oblivious to how unsecure their locking systems are.


New 'peel and steal' craze sees thieves swiping tools worth thousands in seconds as they open tradesmen's vans like tins of sardines

  • Van owners warn others that their vehicles may be vulnerable to theft

  • Thieves are using a new technique to steal tools and equipment from vans, shocking CCTV footage shows.

  • Gangs use their knees to apply pressure to van doors, before pulling them open from the top 'like tins of sardines'.

  • Campaigners estimate that five so-called 'peel and steal' crimes are taking place every day in the UK, with Yorkshire, Wales and the West Midlands the worst affected areas.

  • Campaigners Spencer Hargrave and Paul Butterfield, who have run their own building firm together for 16 years, are raising awareness of the new danger - known as 'peel and steal' or 'peel and seek'.

  • Mr Hargrave, 38, from Leeds, said: 'The latest craze thieves are using is what the police are calling 'peek and seek' and it is absolutely crazy how quickly it has taken off.

  • 'Thieves are grabbing the top of the van's back or side doors with their fingers, putting their knees against the door and using their bodyweight to pull them down, revealing the contents.

  • People have described it as like peeling a banana or opening a tin of sardines. It means they can go round without any tools to break into vans so if they get caught they can't get done for being equipped.

  • 'There is a serious weakness on these vans - you can just peel down the doors even when they are locked, and it can be done by anybody. It seems to be happening most to Ford Transit vans.

  • 'We first heard about the craze about four or five months ago but since Christmas it seems to have kicked off really badly and it is happening all over the country.'


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