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Perimeter Intruder Alarm System Duel Infrared Beams 

Protect your entry to your property 24hrs a day whether its a garden gate or very large driveway, if anyone or any vehicle breaks the duel infrared beams the siren and blue flashing light will set the siren off when in protect mode, when in standby mode a buzzer can be installed inside of house to warn you of any entry to your property. This system is a easy install for any novice.

This is a professional mains powered wired alarm system complete with one pair of wired infrared beams with a range of up to 100m between them, a receiver control box with an 85db buzzer controlled by remote controls and a 110dB two tone siren and strobe .
This alarm can be used for many applications such as a perimeter alarm for detecting intruders on a boundary, driveway alarm to detect visitors, warehouse, shop or yard alarm to detect customers/deliveries or garden / shed / garage alarm to detect intruders.
Unlike the other battery operated alarms on ebay this is adjustable to your needs.
The alarm can be left armed all the time and in this state when the beams are triggered the internal buzzer in the control box will beep briefly giving you an indication that someone has walked or driven past the beams.
If the alarm is armed by way of the remote control keyfob the internal buzzer will now sound for the length of time it is set for between 1 and 999 seconds.
If you flick the switch on at the side of the control box the siren is now armed and will sound when the beams are triggered.
The length of time the siren sounds for can be easily set to sound from 1 second to 999 seconds and can be armed or disarmed by the remote controls supplied.
A red LED shows on the siren when the alarm is armed so when you need to cross the beams you see when you have armed or disarmed the alarm.


Video of alarm

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