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We are launching our New! locking system called Moholock, it's designed to keep your Motorhome/Caravan Storage Lockers secure!

We all know how easy it is to break into a Motorhome/Caravan, generally the storage lockers are locked using a plastic locking system installed by the Manufacturer, these types of locks are not secure, The Moholock is designed with a high security locking system that will keep your storage lockers safe from the thief.  The lock construction is 2-3mm Galvanised steel plating, The fully remote controlled system cannot be cloned due to having 28million 6 digit rolling codes incorporated into the system.   

Heavy Duty Design with high Security Locking.
Designed to be installed by the novice.
Remote fob works on 28 million rolling codes so it's very secure.
Completely  independent from your factory locking system, so once locked they stay locked.
Plug and play wiring loom.
Fully Galvanised 2/3mm thick metal Construction.
Comes in either 1 - 6 lock variations.
Comes with everything you need to install it.
12 month Warranty on all locks.
Totally Invisible to the Thief.



Installation instructions please  Download

Intallation Measurements

Full Instructions

Wireing Layout

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