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Speedflip is the premier Flip down Licence Plate on the market today. Find out what thousands of other car enthusiasts already know!  --- How to HIDE YOUR LICENCE PLATE any time, any place! Speedflip is a simple device that modifies your vehicle to give it a secret agent feel by allowing the driver to flip the vehicles Licence plate with one simple button press. A second press re-flips the plate back to its original position within (0.09 sec) A single switch operated can even activate both front and rear plates with one press! We also have a switch operated versions for Motor Bikes or car! It's also worldwide universal so it fits any size licence plate, and any vehicle.  Every Speedflip comes with a 12 month Warranty!


Speedflip can be attached to any make of motorcycle or any car, and because of its unique design, Speedflip can be installed to flip the licence plate either upwards or downwards to suit the driver's tastes. Speedflip has a flipping force of 15kg, it is also speed tested to 190mph, be warned of cheaper versions on the internet, if it has not got our Logo on it then it's not the original Speedflip.

Simple-to-follow instructions ensure that no intensive auto or electrical knowledge is required to install and activate the Speedflip. Installation can be completed in as little as 15 min, making the Speedflip a great start for any novice vehicle modifiers.


The fitting of this device to a vehicle is considered legal. Any use of the device on public roads is at the discretion of the user and Speedflip and its associates will not be 
liable for any prohibited uses as stated by the local area law in which it is used. We recommend that this device be used for show purposes only.

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