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There are many different applications for our remote operated Deadbolt Systems, Garage Doors - any Commercial Vehicle - cars - 4x4s - Internal/external doors, the list goes on.

We are now giving you the opportunity to purchase for you to make your own deadbolt systems up to suit your own applications.

Want to make your own bespoke system?

* Deadbolts will come with no drill holes in.

* You position the deadbolts to suit your own application.

* You fabricate your own clasps or locking plates to suit your own install.

* Every deadbolt will shoot out 67mm.


* Add extra key fobs up to 50 can be programmed to 1 system.

Blank Deadbolts x 2 for bespoke applications.

  • It is up to you where you site the deadbolts and the fixing points.

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