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  • How do I know if the remote controlled deadbolts will fit on my van?
    These are the vans at the moment VSS Deadbolts will fit... Ford Transit Custom Ford Transit Mk7 Ford Transit Connect Peugeot Boxer Fiat Ducato Citroen Relay Vauxhall Vivaro T5-T6 Transporter Renault Trafic Nissan NV300 Fiat Talento Nissan Primastar Transit MK8 Sprinter Crafter
  • How easy is it to install in a van?
    It is very simple to install in a van, all you need is a electric drill and a pop rivet gun, the Deadbolts have pre drilled holes in them so you can use them as your templates to install, The system comes with everything you need to install them, connecting up the control box is also made simple by just 2 x wires to connect up, live connects to vehicle battery and the earth goes to ground to any chassis point. Please see the wiring layout here We also have a step by step installation video Here Fitting instructions here
  • Do you offer a Guarantee?
    We give a 12 months Guarantee please visit our terms page for more info.
  • Do you offer a fitting service?
    Yes we do offer a fitting service at extra cost please ring or email for prices,
  • Why should I choose VSS Deadbolts?
    VSS Deadbolts are the latest innovation in Deadbolts, what currently is on offer is a inferior central locking actuator deadbolt system of which have no locking power at all and also can be just pushed back using your finger into the unlocked position, they also only shoot out 18-20mm. VSS Deadbolts cannot be pushed back once in the locked position they also can shoot out up to 60mm if needed.
  • How long does it take to install the remote controlled deadbolts?
    Approximatly 3 hr to install 2 x remote controlled deadbolts.
  • Where are you based?
    We are situated in the Bristol area please ring for address.
  • Will you ship to my Country?
    Yes we can ship to any Country in the World, when you select your order you can select your shipping Country from the checkout page.
  • Why does your remote controlled deadbolts operate independently from the central locking system?
    The reason being is that if a thief enters the cab he already has control over the central locking system of the vehicle, as the deadbolts are operated by a seperate remote fob, the thief cannot gain access to disable the deadolts, even if the power is cut to the battery the deadbolts will remain locked, if a thief opened up the deadbolt control box they will still remain in the locked position. The only way to unlock the deadbolts is by the remote control fob.
  • Can I have more that 2 remote key fobs added to the system?
    Yes you can you can have a maximum of 20 key fobs if you require them, you can select this from our shop page.
  • Installation Fault Finding
    When I installed my dead bolts and connected up the power cable I can hear a buzzing noise coming from a dead bolt. Answer...... The striker plate that the bolt slides across or slides into is not positioned correctly you must make sure that you have at least 1-2mm gap so the deadbolt will slide through without touching the sides of the striker plate.
  • If we have not answered your questions and you need anymore help then please contact us.
    Tel 07899003958 email

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